Effortlessly optimize some of your Mac's hidden settings

Arthur is a Mac utility that helps you easily change some of those annoying hidden OS X settings.

Here's why Arthur is awesome

Installs to your Mac System Preferences

For easy access, Arthur installs directly to your Mac's preference dialog. You can also easily remove it from the same location if you find yourself needing to do so.

Functionality you didn't know your Mac had

It's true, your Mac comes with plenty stuff you've probably never heard of or will ever need, but it's cool to know about it. Arthur exposes some interesting settings you might like (like subpixel font rendering).

Quick and easy to revert settings

We know that settings are mostly temporary, that's why we've created simple toggle switches to turn your desired settings on or off easily.

For the price of a cappuccino

We've kept Arthur simple and safe to use with features that could possibly make life a little simpler. If you don't find at least one setting useful, we'll buy you a cappuccino.